Are you ready for the Strong Answer of freedom?!!  


the new normal

Freedom, Grace, Peace, Love, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Self-control, Fathered,

Jesus, In your face with it.



Drew Smith

with his wonderful wife Melinda

New Normal is the life that Drew Smith found while searching for freedom in life.  Drew did grow up in a church but, the truth is, he didn't find the freedom he has today until much later in life.  Why?  Church is for the less intense.  Its a bit boring.   Drew had to search for older and deeper wisdom.  Like Polycarp's wisdom before he is burnt at the stake.  He lives in Urban Kansas City with his wife and four children.  They all enjoy their days together in freedom, peace, grace, and love with each other, their community, and our Jesus, the savior with a tattoo on his leg.  


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I’ve been to church my whole life and I never understood the Gospel like this. Thank you for teaching us.
— -Judy