5 benefits to living life without fear

Shouldn't the experience of peace and not fear be a normal way for life?   Fearless living can be normal.  It's a free gift that is offered to you.  The only catch for this gift to be received is once you receive the gift then you have to use it.

Gifts hidden in closets might as well be donated to thrift stores.  This gift isn't something you can actually hide in a closet because it's a gift for the unseen parts of yourself.  Like fear, this gift may not be visible but impactful.   

The gift I am talking about is the Spirit of God.  It's a gift.  Freely available to all.   

Here are the immediate benefits: 

1. You receive total forgiveness for your past.  The worst thing that's ever been done to you and the worst thing you have ever done is not the most real things about you. 

2. You are enabled to grow and develop in ways that were not possible before this gift. 

3. You begin receiving directions for life.

4. You become or become aware of your membership to the team that never ultimately looses. 

5. You will grow and win in areas you never thought possible! 


Why wouldn't you want that?

Join in on the New Normal today!

email me and say “I’m in!” To understand how to recieve this gift of God.