Free New Normal

   I have finished the outline for the chapters and I am really excited.  Here are the chapters with their working titles:

1- Beginnings of a free new normal- Our goals in life are simple but seemingly impossible.  How might we receive everything that our hearts have cried for all along?  What is the Free New Normal lifestyle and why does it matter?  Is it practical and daily a help to us?

2- The Jesus Pep talk-  We will look at the sermon on the mount and discuss its high implications for us.  Is the longest speech of Jesus relevant and/or possible for us.  What did God intend for us to take away from Him in His sermon?  The prophetic words of Jeremiah will challenge us as God reveals that there will be a time when people follow God because it is written on their hearts.  So how does that fit with the Free New Normal?

3- Blood-  Our experience and understanding of the blood of Jesus is one of the most crucial first things to understand about the Free New Normal lifestyle.  But, the hope for us is our true understanding of practical implications for our daily life.

4- Inheritance- We will explore the issue of sin and its effect on us.  What is the importance of Jesus being called the second Adam?  Does that fact have any implications for our Free New Normal life?  Would it make a difference to us in our daily life if I could understand the implication for me and my inherited standing with God?  The confusion of Sin and its impact on us and our culture will be revealed and big questions will be answered which provide clarity and hope.

5- The Cross and it effect on us-  Even though the cross is the most worn piece of jewelry does it matter in my faith life?  Does it effect my Free New Normal life for the good?  Would the cross be relatable to my history beyond my understanding that Jesus died on a cross?

6- Victory-  Does this life have any path for victory?  YES!!!!  It sure does.  We will see and experience what it means to live in peace and freedom with a grace filled Free New Normal life.

7- Soul Work-  Since I now have a Free New Normal life what does this difficulty in my life do for me?  Why would Jesus allow bad things in the world for the follower of Jesus?  Does the Soul matter?  What is a Soul?  

8- The Point-  Putting it all together for us, what does Jesus hope for us?  Why were we created?  Whats the real point to the Free New Normal life?  

What chapters are the most compelling to you?