A dream experience

I saw a vision of a channel while I slept.  The channel used to be deeper but now was filled with mud and swamp so that the water was murky.  Children playing in it and families gathering. Then crocodiles appeared everywhere.  Then there were two children next to me and a croc ate the small child and the dad appeared outside the swamp and was crying but could not do anything but watch his child eaten. 


He screamed.  I woke.

I felt a pressure on my mind like a spiritual knife to my head.  I prayed against it and it relented.  I realized the dream was about the kingdom on earth right now.  It used to be flowing with living water but had gotten muddy and everyone tolerated it because it was hard to clean it out.  So they put up with the mud because it was still wet.  Then the crocs appeared which everyone still tolerated . It all changed when the innocent child died.  The cries of his death and the cries of a sad father made me and everyone wake up to the fact that the channel is a big problem and it needs cleaning up so the living water can flow.  This is what we are wanting for the kingdom of God. Letting the living water flow.    But we aren’t using our own strength!!!  We are asking the Lord of the Water to flow so hard that it flushes the mud and crocs away.  We need to plead with the Lord of the Water and bring the Kingdom back!!


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