I believe in you

I've heard all the negative talk.  I don't believe those negative talkers for a second.  They don't even know you.  They don't even understand your potential.  Future generations might have set a dangerous precedent, but I know you will break every one of them.  I believe in you, and I'm cheering for you!  

I understand that you don't know everything.  I see that you get most of your information on life through your devices.  Youtube might have been more of a parent to you than you wished for.  Life didn't go the way you had hoped.  But, you are not giving up, and I'm not either.

Two social scientists studied generations going back to the 1500's.  Straus and Howe.  (–Howe_generational_theory#Hero). 

You are the heroes for all of us!  

My faith in Jesus also teaches me that putting faith in the next generation is the best move for the future.  Did you know that there is compelling evidence that Jesus's followers were made up of mostly Gen Z age folks?  That's right, people like you.  In fact, John, who wrote a large part of the Bible, was most likely 13 years old when he followed Jesus along.  

I want to be your Champion!  I have many tools I picked up along the way from my experience.  Mostly through failure, I learned.  Learn from my failures, so you don't have to.  I also learn from others.  Like you, I want shortcuts.  That's what I have to offer. A significant alternative to a life that is exciting, freeing, adventuresome, and fun.  Just like a video game, but this one's your life.  Your life is real.  

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